Making Jeans Comfortable!

Posted by Hollie Baier on

I dislike wearing all of my jeans because of how uncomfortable the waistband is around my stomach!  I thought, well if I am not wearing them I may as well try replacing the waistband.  What have I got to lose!?

I am happy to say I am pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was!  I did a few step by step pictures :)

1. Cut the waistband off with scissors

2. Cut the teeth of the zipper about 1/2" down to avoid hitting it with your serger needles

3. Cut the loops off (again, to avoid hitting the thick spots with your serger)

4. I stitched the zipper fly on the one side to ease the pressure and keep it closed

5. Grab any fitted waistband pattern piece you like and cut out as you would like it to fit!

6. Attach waistband to jeans and voila!  I found I had to go slow and somewhat stretch it around to get it to fit right.  When done, pull up the zipper and done!

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