Cocoon Cardigan - Slouch Pocket & Hood

Posted by Hollie Baier on

One of my MOST favourite cardigans is the cocoon cardigan with our Bamboo Cotton Spandex French Terry!  The slouched pockets & added hood really top it off!

The pattern I personally use is the Patterns for Pirates Cocoon Cardigan.  I like to use the tall bands and patch pockets to achieve this look.

Let's start with the pockets - you will need a pattern that has a front patch pocket.  With the P4P pattern, the pattern piece has a scoop along the one side where your hand would go if you made it as is.  Instead of that scoop, I just go straight across the top then down to meet with the side!  Easy Peasy!   Another thing I do is cut that top part of the pocket on the fold of my fabric so I have a double layer pocket so there is no seam there, just a fold. You can of course do one layer pocket and just fold over/hem that top raw seam.  When attaching it to the body of your cocoon, it attached as usual with a little more slouch since we went straight across, instead off hemming that scoop as per the pattern piece.

The hood, I just used the Hey June lane raglan hood for mine but any cross over hood pattern piece will work!  I had cut my hood out as per usual (two sets so its a fully lined hood).  When constructing/sewing together, I lay my body of the cocoon, then hood, then band so the hood is sandwiched between.  No pulling necessary just fit it nicely! 

Thank you for reading along!  I can't wait to se all of your slouch pocket, added hood cocoon cardigans!  Tag us on facebook Blended Thread Fabrics or instagram #blendedthreadsews 

-Hollie xo



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